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Minors In Possession (MIP)

Ask Lee Meadows, Tallahassee Attorney and Lawyer, How A Minor in Possession Charge Can Affect Your Life!

What is a MIP or minor in possession?

A minor in possession or MIP is any person under the legal drinking age of 21 who either consumes or is in possession of alcohol. Alcohol includes beer, wine, liquor, and fermented beverages. There are two main types of possession – physical possession and constructive possession. Physical possession occurs when the substance is “in-hand” and/or being directly used by the individual. Constructive possession occurs when the individual had knowledge of and immediate control over the area or situation in which the substance was found. A minor can be charged with possession in either case.

Under what circumstances can a minor legally be in possession?

· Religious ceremony;

· For documented medical purposes.

What happens if a minor is convicted of illegal possession?

A MIP charge is most often a misdemeanor. Penalties can take numerous forms depending on the age of the defendant, the defendant’s history, and the nature of the offense. Penalties usually include one or more of the following:

· Payment of fines;

· Driver’s license suspension;

· Diversion or alcohol education programs;

· Community service;

· Incarceration; and

· Offense on criminal records.

Disclaimer: The content of this page is NOT a substitution for legal advice.

See Statute Section 562.11.

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