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We Interviewed FSU's Athletics Director About Alcohol Sales at FSU Football Games

It's finally college football season once again! For some, this means that tailgating season has commenced as well. Florida State University's athletic department has decided to begin beer and wine concessions at all home football games for the first time ever. While sporting events such as basketball and baseball games have offered alcoholic beverages in the past, there have yet to be vendors at Doak Campbell Stadium until this year. Beginning this season, Seminole fans of drinking age can visit beer and wine concessions at two specific locations inside of the stadium. Additionally, there are designated drinking areas inside of the stadium to which fans are confined while drinking.

With this decision, there are a few obvious concerns that one may initially have. First of all, why was the decision to have alcohol sales made now? More importantly, how will underaged drinking at a football game on a large college campus be prevented? Or, where is the best place to call an Uber from at the stadium based on road closures if I've been drinking at the game? Perhaps you have asked yourself at least one, if not more, of these questions.

Well, here at The Law Office of Lee Meadows, we have had many of these same questions when we first heard of it, so we reached out to David Coburn, FSU's Athletics Director, for some answers. To our delight, we had the opportunity to sit down with him in his office, and chat about this new addition to Florida State University's football experience. If you are interested in hearing what Coburn had to say in response to these questions and a few others, feel free to listen to our podcast, The Meadows Pod, on SoundCloud posted below. Don't forget to share with friends and family!

Have fun and be safe at the football games, and as always, drink responsibly. Go Noles!

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