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Law Offices of Lee Meadows DUI & Drivers License Attorney

Professional. Affordable. Experienced.
We're dedicated to protecting your future and ensuring your case receives the undivided attention it deserves. At the Law Offices of Lee Meadows, our clients are the top priority. Put over 40 years of experience on your side, don't take a chance with you future.


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If you have been charged with a crime, our experienced Tallahassee criminal defense team can help.

You have been arrested. You are stressed out. You can’t sleep at night. You are worried about your future, your job, your college career. When will you be able to drive again? What should you do next? Can the right attorney help? You have options.

The defense attorney you choose can affect your entire future. My name is Lee Meadows. Let me put my over 41 years of courtroom experience as a DUI and criminal defense lawyer on your side.

When you hire Attorney Lee Meadows, you get Lee Meadows.

At the Law Office of Lee Meadows, personal attention is not just a by-word. I understand what you are going through, and I will use every legal resource at my disposal to put your mind at ease. You need a local, experienced defense lawyer. 

When Your Future Is At Stake 

Lee Meadows And His Team Are There


If you have been arrested, the attorney that you hire can make a difference in your future. Our office has handled over 3,500 cases in Tallahassee since 1981. Unlike some large practices, your case is never turned over to another attorney. Take advantage of our free conference to find out how we can best help you in your case.


Act Now, Don't Wait

If you have been charged with a DUI or Criminal Offense, you could be facing possible

Driver License suspension and criminal penalties. We have the experience needed to ensure everything that can be done, will be done in these situations. 


If you have requested a public defender for your DUI case, please know their office cannot represent you in a Driver's License Hearing. You are given only 10 days from the date of your arrest to request a Driver License Hearing. It is important to speak with an attorney immediately.

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