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The Law Office of Lee Meadows has been serving Tallahassee since 1981 and has amassed a large portfolio of satisfied clients. We have a 5-star rating on Google and a 10.0 Rating on Avvo.

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The Law Office of Lee MeadowsThe Law Office of Lee Meadows
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Lee MeadowsLee Meadows

This review was posted on behalf of a former client who did not have a computer, at his request.

"When I made my mistake and needed an attorney I reached out to a friend who was a an attorney/lobbyist in Tallahassee Florida for a recommendation on who to use. He immediately referred me to Lee Meadows and experience DUI attorney in Tallahassee Florida. My past experience with attorneys was not good and I expected similar results. I immediately realized that Lee Meadows was not like other attorneys, he actually cared about his clients, was prompt on returning calls, keep me updated, and making recommendations on how I should proceed.

I completely recommend Lee Meadows to anyone who is in need of a criminal attorney, or any attorney of any kind.
-Don C."

Ray AllenRay Allen

Mr. Meadows calm and reassuring personality helped make a bad situation much better. Mr. Meadows made sure that my son was kept current and involved in his case. Mr. Meadows understood that my son was very distraught about the charges and was very compassionate and helpful.

Mr. Meadows was very proactive and diligent in defending my son and this was key to his success in the case. I personally watched the professional manner that Mr. Meadows navigated the hearings and he performed great.

I would recommend Mr. Meadows with the highest marks and I want to thank him for being a great Attorney.

The Law Office of Lee Meadows, LLC.The Law Office of Lee Meadows, LLC.

This is posted with permission of my client who does not have computer access. -- I am very grateful that Mr.Meadows was able to get my DUI dismissed. He was very professional. With my case result, he helped me keep my job. I recommend Mr.Meadows highly. -I.M.

James PierreJames Pierre

I was in a bad situation where it looked like I wasn't going win my Dui case but thanks to lee my record is clear

Sydney PoseySydney Posey

Mr. Meadows helped me get out of an issue with a local apartment complex in Tallahassee. The complex was trying to charge me a couple grand when I decided to leave over safety issues. The complex had a shooting in my front yard and multiple drug deals and car jackings. Mr. Meadows was able to get the complex to get rid the charges and get the tax collectors to back off from calling. I appreciate Mr. Meadows from saving me from a huge unnecessary expense!! (:

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